Trout Feeders

Engineered with advanced features for optimum performance, Texas Hunter Pro Series Fish Feeders were designed for long-term durability. The Premium Timer, a Texas Hunter exclusive, is a unique feature to the pro series fish feeders. A dual motor system introduces a metered flow of feed into a powerful blower assembly. As a self-cleaning device, the feeder shuts off the feed flow motor prior to turning off the blower, eliminating any feed waste at the base of the feeder. To enhance their low-maintenance features, all Texas Hunter Pro Series Fish Feeders include a 5-year limited warranty on the ultra-reliable timer.


Key Features

  • Commercial-Grade Motors for long-term durability.
  • Patented Performance: Built in America under US Utility Patent #7222583
  • Powerful Centrifugal Air Blower Assembly Projects feed in 45'x20’ wedge-shaped pattern.
  • Premium Digital Timer, Operates Texas Hunter 12 Volt Directional Fish Feeders. A Texas Hunter Exclusive with 5-Year Limited Warranty. Automatically feeds 1 to 9 times daily, 1 to 60 seconds per feeding.
  • Lifetime Durability: Hopper, lid and other internal components are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Low Profile Design Makes filling easy.
  • Extra Tough Powder-Coated Paint Includes a rust-resistant, durable Hunter Green Finish on the feeder, legs and footpads.

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