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At Cody Wyoming Trout Ranch, we can provide you with all of the equipment and services related to creating and maintaining a healthy trout habitat. You will be dealing with a skilled management team with a focus on providing you with incredible customer service and satisfaction. Aside from pond aeration equipment being sold and installed by us, we also offer pond water and weed control management services.

Please take a look at any of the services and equipment that we offer and we will get you well on your way to raising healthy, trophy size trout... We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to give us a call at the number below. 

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The obvious advantage to using windmill aeration, as opposed to using an electric pond aerator is that windmills do not require electricity to operate them, thus making them extremely cost effective. 

Outdoor Water Solutions Inc. (OWS) has the longest warranty in the windmill aeration market with an industry leading 5 year warranty. Windmill aeration works by placing air diffusers at the deepest levels of your pond. These air diffusers take the oxegyn that is compressed into air lines and carried down into the water to the air diffusers. The air diffusers then turned the compressed air into thousands of fine oxegyn bubbles.

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A Lake Bed Aerator system creates many small air bubbles at the bottom of a pond in an arrangement that carries a large column of water to the surface of the pond. This "pumping" action is effective in providing bottom to top circulation in deep ponds.

A small shore mounted air compressor pumps air through a self weighted tube to a bottom diffuser where tiny air bubbles are formed to create the lift for "pumping" a column of water to the surface, thus creating natural aeration.

These aerators are suited for ponds and lakes of any size.

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Solar power aerator systems are great for both remote installations and enviromentally conscious applications. They are designed for aquatic enviroments ranging in size from small ornamental ponds to lakes. Please contact us for help customizing your order to fit the needs of your pond or lake.

These fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating conditions. The battery backup system allows them to run normally under less-than-optimal sun conditions. The systems are built for both hot and cold climates; no climate is too harsh for solar pons aerator solutions.

The solar pond aerator is a very effective and low-cost solution for your aeration needs as it offers savings over electric-powered aeration syatems. Solar pond aerators help save you money, save the enviroment and save your aquatic wildlife!

Please contact the professionals at Cody Wyoming Trout Ranch for an estimate.

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